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    Just sharing a little Sunshine, inspiring Surf, and priceless Golden Californian Coastline. "Life" is all about playing hard and working hard while making a difference.

    Top Recommendation/ Must View - Brecht Vanthoft's Video - "THE WEDGE", shot with a slow Motion Sony Camera
    June 2013 post has a link to Brecht's jaw dropping surf action WEDGE video

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2017 Guinness World Record Paddle out  “Circle of Honor” in Huntington Beach, 511 Surfers

  1. The surfers parade to the sea shore for the guinness count and commence the battle for the paddle through some lively energetic monster sets with strong ocean currents.
  2. Special appreciation to the helpful surfers that lent a paddle and tow to the paddlers needing assistance in making the long journey through forceful surf.  Timing Timing Timing and endurance was key to the success.  
  3. Karen, Maria, and Jamie, and  “All” participants, including  the group that was unable to conquer the timing and battle of the paddle deserve a   loud round of applause.  The focus of  Unification of surfers and the majic of the ocean on a historic huntingtin beach day will be an everlasting memory for many.

2017 Guness World Record Paddle out  “Circle of Honor” in Huntington Beach, over 500 Surfers battled the paddled forceful surf

Congratulations to the City of Huntington Beach,  Internatioanl Surf Museum, and  to  Surfers for successfully paddling out through strong currents and powerful overhead sets.    It was all about timing, catching a lull, life guard leadership, paddle endurance, and luck if you were to succeed on first attempt of battling the elements.    Gratefully, Life guards maintained safety in a crowded challenging paddle out. 

 Unlike the May Practice and Prep session, the weather and surf conditions drastically  changed.  Jet skis and fog replaced the assisting Stand-up paddle boarders and California golden sunshine.        Muscling the colored pool noodles on our  Practice Circle of Honor Day was a battle but achieved.   But on game day and during the process of forming a circle using the pool noodles became inconvenient with the wild currents so noodle tool was tossed.    Less is more, especially with uniting by hands  500+ surfers during challenging currents and winds.  Success was heard, witnessed, and recorded.

Surfers roar of joy echoed over the water when over 1000 hands were United and Held for the required  Guinness World Record surfing paddle out  ‘Circle of Honor’  time requirement and count.

Leadership, muscle, endurance, patience, and cooperation lead to conquering the battle of the paddle and wild currents.  Congratulations definitely earned!


?More Photos to be posted over the week