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    Just sharing a little Sunshine, inspiring Surf, and priceless Golden Californian Coastline. "Life" is all about playing hard and working hard while making a difference.

    Top Recommendation/ Must View - Brecht Vanthoft's Video - "THE WEDGE", shot with a slow Motion Sony Camera
    June 2013 post has a link to Brecht's jaw dropping surf action WEDGE video

    Pam -

2017 17 June – Inflight, Grom Search – Rise and Shine

California Golden Sunshine joined the Inflight Grom Search of 17 June 2017.   Bolsa Chica was the place to be on this incredible morning.

Congrats to all the competitors, your enthusiasm and drive entertained the spectaculars.   Schools out and the talent is already on the water by 7AM.

Below are just a few of the shots,  over 1500 taken.   If interested in acquiring photos, you may contact me at  Aloha!



2017 Los Alamitos Prom

Ladies and Gentleman of Los Alamitos High School 2017 Prom, a year to remember.

Gentleman, thank you for removing your sun glasses so we can see your eyes.

More photos in work…, especially the group shots…..  998 photos taken and below are just a handful.

Photos by Trevor, Maria, and Pam


Thank you, Pam. The kids are lovely and had so much fun. Thanks for your labor of love.