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2015 20 July – Huntington Beach Pier South/North Side Surfing – Wrestling for the Right of the Wave

Monsoon Delores Swell attracted the surfers even  though  health Warnings regarding the  Water quality circulated.     Risk vs Return prevails and positive thoughts that everyone stays healthy. Junior lifeguards concentrated on land exercise and prohibited from entering the water due to health concerns. Start of 2015 US Open of Surfing is  only days away, let’s hope […]

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2015 1 July Wednesday Evening at the HB Pier

Tropical eveing in Huntington Beach kept us entertained. Mother like daughter, a true team and winning spirit.It was a pleasure to meet a supportive dedicated mother of an up and coming surfer star.  Zoe’s seriousness and passion is displayed in her style and beautiful smile.   Unfortunately, I only caught the end of her session […]

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