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2015 Newport “Wedge” Warm Water Golden Hot Sunshine and No Wind

The Famous Wedge Break in Newport Beach California – The Day After the Big Wave Monday

Black Ball Shots –  skilled Body Surfers highlighted the excitement since board surfers are forbidden to play in the water from 10AM to 5PM.

Significantly smaller waves compared to Big Holiday Monday.  Still a very rewarding playground for the strong swimmer and/or surfer not concerned about breaking their board.   Patience was required because medium size sets rolled in about every 40 minutes.

Unlike my normal close-ups, yesterday’s target was beach shots capturing the sand, shore, and wave.  11AM to 3PM is not the optimal time to shoot but it was place to relax,  stratigize,  and absorb the show on a beautiful hot September day.

More shots available  and below are a few shots to share

Unlike Surfers, SUP, and Sponge boarders, it’s difficult to distinguish one body surfer from the next without a close-up.  A body surfer is swallowed up by the crushing white water shore break and amazingly comes out overjoyed and unharmed.  At times the water is only 6 nches to 36 inches deep when it smashes on the sand.


Robin Z

Now THESE look doable and FUN!