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2 March 2014 – Car catches Air and Sand but misses the Wave

Sunday Lunch Time Accident,

Car accidents are not the action normally shared on this site.  According to a spectator,  car was traveling north bound on PCH, crossed south bound lanes, launched off cliff, flew over bike path, rolled a couple times, and ended upside down near the fence.   The car started its out of control crusade before the intersection and ended up on the sand in front of the popular Seapoint concrete zig-zag walk path. First shot has the helicopter circle imprint in the far background..  Batteries, tires, license plate, yellow pages, and other car parts were scattered for 30+ yards.  The cart path biker probably had the scare of a lifetime when suddenly a car was flying by him.  Thank goodness, the car missed the biker and no one was else was physically injured.  Unfortunately, Seapoint is a common place for spectacular car accidents.  It’s not if another accident will occur, it is just when.