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1 March 2014 Seal Beach South Side Lunch Time Session (2 of 2)

returned to see the change in surf as result of the tide and winds.  well,  Surfside jetty was showing a considerable amount of powerful and ominous splash…I could only hope some lucky surfers were enjoying a little cleaner break over there. Special event:  Little slivers of large waves appear to be breaking at the Oil Rig, Ester.    Two surfers and one stand-up paddle boarder were working the outside Cloud break. Difficult to observe because of the wind & waves and the shining/dark sun cloud light.  Entertainment, consisted of a solo paddle boarder attempting to return to shore without a painful pounding from the confused swell.  Mr. SUP  experienced multiple ejections during his return to shore.   After a little battle, he caught a left which advanced him toward shore.  He became separated from his board and played in the impact zone.   His board made it smoothly to shore with only a couple jumps.   A short SUP and wave video to be posted at a later date.   Below are a few shots of the small crew that decided to taste the Saturday morning  south side swell at Seal Beach.  Enjoy!

Body boarders, Surfers, SUP, Lifeguard, SeagullSB-Nesseth-EG7T7966SB-Nesseth-SB-Nesseth-EG7T7971-51SB-Nesseth-EG7T8011SB-Nesseth-EG7T8010SUP rider waiting for his break to advance to ShoreSB-Nesseth-EG7T8004SB-Nesseth-EG7T8003SUP Rider’s BoardSB-Nesseth-EG7T8002SB-Nesseth-EG7T8001SB-Nesseth-EG7T7984-EditSB-Nesseth-EG7T7979SB-Nesseth-EG7T7972SB-Nesseth-EG7T7969-EditSB-Nesseth-EG7T7967SB-Nesseth-EG7T7991SB-Nesseth-EG7T7992SB-Nesseth-EG7T8000SB-Nesseth-EG7T7993