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Saturday, March 30 A Day to Remember – A Stanford student showing off at Bolsa

The white grey ominous sky didn’t keep the surfers away today. Classic and priceless long smooth rides were caught by many. After my session I ran in to retrieve my camera so I could quickly capture some of my friends surf action.

Well I missed Mark’s success. He surrendered to the cold before I caught him on camera. But not before capturing some strong rides witnessed by many. No pictures just memories and smiles for Mark today. Next I ran by Phil holding half of his boards tail. He was still smiling. Then I spotted Steeny on the outside scouting for another memorable ride. She turned suddenly started to paddle as the wave started to show signs of breaking. She pointed paddled and popped up to ride one her favorite lefts of the day. She proved again that determination pays off. Below are photos of just one of many waves Steeny attacked without hesitation and perfect execution.


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