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Monthly Archives: April 2012

Dolphin stranded at Bolsa Chica Reserve and Mother Duck and her Ducklings stranded.

I first spotted the innocent dolphin at 6:35am on Friday morning swimming circles at a high speed. The morning light hitting the fin against a glassy water surface caught my eye. We can only hope the dolphin departs the reserve soon. The prior week my sister pointed me and her son to another stressed situation. […]

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Seal Beach South side Surf Action – 1 April 2012 – Round 1 of 3

Spectators were definitely entertained today at Seal Beach. Usually the kiters 10 to 20 foot big air jumps keep people entertained but today the surfers stole the show. The surfers and boarders hopefully heard the cheers and applause from the pier and sand. It was like a sized down Newport Beach wedge break. Special thanks […]

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Saturday, March 30 A Day to Remember – A Stanford student showing off at Bolsa

The white grey ominous sky didn’t keep the surfers away today. Classic and priceless long smooth rides were caught by many. After my session I ran in to retrieve my camera so I could quickly capture some of my friends surf action. Well I missed Mark’s success. He surrendered to the cold before I caught […]

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