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    Just sharing a little Sunshine, inspiring Surf, and priceless Golden Californian Coastline. "Life" is all about playing hard and working hard while making a difference.

    Top Recommendation/ Must View - Brecht Vanthoft's Video - "THE WEDGE", shot with a slow Motion Sony Camera
    June 2013 post has a link to Brecht's jaw dropping surf action WEDGE video

    Pam -

2017 Guinness World Record Paddle out  “Circle of Honor” in Huntington Beach, 511 Surfers

  1. The surfers parade to the sea shore for the guinness count and commence the battle for the paddle through some lively energetic monster sets with strong ocean currents.
  2. Special appreciation to the helpful surfers that lent a paddle and tow to the paddlers needing assistance in making the long journey through forceful surf.  Timing Timing Timing and endurance was key to the success.  
  3. Karen, Maria, and Jamie, and  “All” participants, including  the group that was unable to conquer the timing and battle of the paddle deserve a   loud round of applause.  The focus of  Unification of surfers and the majic of the ocean on a historic huntingtin beach day will be an everlasting memory for many.